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Re-Sealing Bath/Showers and Sinks

Re-Sealing Bath/Showers and Sinks

Keeping your bath, shower and sinks watertight with a good silicon seal prevents water ingress into the fabric of the building. Even small breaks in the seal can cause gradual ingress which is often left undetected causing damage to joists, plasterboard, decoration and saturation/damp in solid walls.

Old silicon will also age to an off white sometimes yellow colour, or even have black mould spots growing making for an unsightly bathroom.

There is no better and cheaper way to freshen up your bathroom than with a fresh bead of silicon.


Your Sussex Handyman:-

  • Will send you a confirmation email once the job is booked
  • Will arrive with the tools to do the job
  • Will need the shower to be dry
  • Will remove all of the old silicon and clean off
  • Will use a quality silicon normally provided by us
  • Will ask you not to get the silicon wet for 24 hours
  • Will guarantee their work
  • Will issue you a pdf receipt
How Long

How Long?

Bath re-seal - 1.5 hours ( Resealing a standard size bath between the bath and tiles, with no shower screen or corners to seal)

Shower Re-Seal - 1.5 - 2 hours for a standard sized shower tray measuring 700 by 700 square between shower tray and tiles and shower tray and the internal side of a shower screen.

If you have a larger shower tray or are in need of additional beads of siliconing such as going up the corners, external sealing or unusual tiling arrangements with double beads the please email in with the dimensions and where possible photos so a more accurate estimation can be given.

Most of the time for the above is spent removing the old.

Handy Extras

Handy Extras

  • Does your bathroom ceiling need a fresh coat of paint?
  • We can also change your shower hose, head and rail
  • We can fix bathroom cabinets to you walls
  • Would you like us to fit a new bolt or lock onto your shed?
  • We can install water butts
  • Do you have any lightbulbs that need changing?
  • We can also assemble flatpack furniture
Book Online

Handy Booking

  • You can contact your chosen Handyman directly via phone or email.
  • Email the Sussex Handyman booking office.
  • Call the office directly 01342 53 76 37
  • Fill in the General Enquiry form on the Contact page.
Handy Payment

Handy Payment

  • Payment accepted by cash or cheque
  • You simply pay your Handyman once the job is complete, and he will email you a pdf receipt from his Smartphone – simple, with no pieces of paper to look after
  • For our Commercial clients, we can arrange an invoice for you by prior agreement
100% Guarantee

We guarantee our work

If for any reason you are not satisfied we will keep coming back until you are.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

Peace of mind from a brand you can trust.